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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Designer Brand Purse: Fire Damaged and Then Cleaned As New

Purse With Fire Damage This Louis Vitton purse was covered in soot after a fire, but with the help of the Esporta i S4000, it looks good as new! In addition to ... READ MORE

Fire-Damaged Chanel Handbag Restored to New Condition

This black Chanel handbag was so filthy after a fire, the only had no hope that she could use her bag again. Having been fire damaged with soot and ash, the Esp... READ MORE

Jeans With Fire Damage Upgraded to Like New Condition

These designer Lucky Brand jeans were covered in soot and ash, but with the help of the SERVPRO Auburn/Enumclaw, they look good as new! SERVPRO Auburn/Enumclaw ... READ MORE

Ariya Jeans With Fire Damage Look Better with SERVPRO of Auburn/Enumclaw's Help

Our client’s white Ariya jeans were covered in soot after a fire, but with the help of SERVPRO of Auburn/Enumclaw and the Esporta i S4000, they look good ... READ MORE

Damaged Designer Shoes with Sentimental Value--Restored Good as New

These designer shoes were damaged in a Puyallup, WA fire as the result of electrical wires shorting out. The owner came to us to ask if we could clean these sho... READ MORE

Sandals damaged by fire restored to new

These sandals were damaged in a fire in Lacey, WA when food was left on the stove. The fire damage was extensive, but with SERVPRO of Auburn/Enumclaw, the damag... READ MORE

Lamp before and after

Before and after Ultrasonic cleaning. These were covered in soot and ash, but with the help of the SERVPRO Auburn/Enumclaw, they look good as new! SERVPRO Aubur... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cleaning Cleans Most Soot Damaged Items

Before and after Ultrasonic cleaning. These figurines were covered in soot and ash, but with the help of the SERVPRO Auburn/Enumclaw, they look good as new! SER... READ MORE

Why does the drywall have to be cut?

Commercial Damage in Auburn, WAThe damage that was done to this commercial building was due to flooding from a broken pipe. Because there was wet insulation and... READ MORE

Auburn, WA Business Suffers Water Damage

The water damage in this office caused a lot of problems for the employees. In order to make sure the water would dry out our technicians had to follow these st... READ MORE

Commercial Flood Cuts

When SERVPRO of Auburn/Enumclaw responds to a water loss in your business, one thing we will often need to do is to make cuts a few inches above the flood line ... READ MORE

Packing Out Commercial Contents

When your business suffers a loss, often your content will also be damaged. If the contents of your business can be saved, SERVPRO of Auburn/Enumclaw will work ... READ MORE

Drying Out a Commercial Business

SERVPRO of Auburn / Enumclaw Responding to Office Water Damage We were called into this office because of the damage that was done by a broken pipe. The water l... READ MORE

Mold Found Under Sink

More Mold Behind Sink The mold that started out being just under the sink turned out being behind the sink too. Mold tends to follow wherever the water is drain... READ MORE

Supply Line to Fridge Leaking

Leaking Supply Line Causes Black Mold Growth Most fridges have water lines connected to them so they can make ice and have cold running water. But, nobody wants... READ MORE

Mold Behind Kitchen Counter

A dishwasher supply line had broken and was leaking for a long time. This kitchen ended up having a full tear out due to the mold that had contaminated the dryw... READ MORE

Wood Floors With Mold Growth

Mold Hiding Under Wood Floors The homeowners did not realize that the water loss they had a few days ago had created a mold problem in their home. They woke up ... READ MORE

Kitchen Containment Because of Black Mold

SERVPRO of Auburn / Enumclaw Containing Black Mold A leak behind the kitchen sink was the cause for black mold to grow under the kitchen countertops. The basebo... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove mold?

Cut Out the Mold and Dispose The only surefire way to get rid of mold is to remove it entirely. Here are the steps that SERVPRO of Auburn / Enumclaw take to mak... READ MORE

Saving a Wood Floor from Water Damage

Can wood floors be saved when wet? This floor was got wet and it didn't seem like a big deal but after the homeowners talked to their insurance agent they chang... READ MORE

Wood Floor Could Not Be Saved

Not All Wood Floors can Be Saved There was so much water after the dishwasher supply line broke that the kitchen and dining room area flooring was soaked. The h... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in Auburn, WA Hotel

Gallons of Water and Multiple Wet Floors How do you clean up a water damage that has multiple floors involved? Call a commercial restoration company to assess t... READ MORE

Leaking Roof Causes Apartment to Flood

Roof Leak in Black Diamond, WA Apartment Complex The roof over your head should keep the storm away. The winds and storm damaged the roof of this apartment comp... READ MORE

Frozen Sprinkler Floods Hotel

Auburn, WA Fire Sprinkler Malfunction When the winter gets too cold fire sprinkler systems can burst when they freeze. The sprinkler let out a lot of water befo... READ MORE

Why is flood water so destructive?

Flood Water is Contaminated Water When the rains start to cause flooding the water that comes into your home is not clean. Some of the contaminates from flood w... READ MORE