Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Heavy rain causes flooding

When heavy rains and flooding occur, there's always the chance that it will leak into your property. This is exactly what happened in this local Auburn, WA bus... READ MORE

Dripping Ceiling from Massive Rain Storm

One way to keep your floors dry is to use trash cans to catch the water. However, it is much easier to call SERVPRO of Auburn / Enumclaw for help. We are a 24-h... READ MORE

Window Sill Damaged During Storm

Damaged Window Causes Flooding This Window was damaged by high winds and years of exposure. After so much time the window started leaking and there was stormwat... READ MORE

Enumclaw Storm Caused Roof Leak

Ceiling Damage and Roof Leak from Large Storm This Enumclaw, WA commercial building was damaged in a storm because of a roof leak. The water found its way in th... READ MORE

Why is flood water so destructive?

Flood Water is Contaminated Water When the rains start to cause flooding the water that comes into your home is not clean. Some of the contaminates from flood w... READ MORE

Frozen Sprinkler Floods Hotel

Auburn, WA Fire Sprinkler Malfunction When the winter gets too cold fire sprinkler systems can burst when they freeze. The sprinkler let out a lot of water befo... READ MORE

Leaking Roof Causes Apartment to Flood

Roof Leak in Black Diamond, WA Apartment Complex The roof over your head should keep the storm away. The winds and storm damaged the roof of this apartment comp... READ MORE